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FO2 Stage | Aditya Khatri

by Team FO2, 23 Jun 2023

My story is a little unusual from most photographers in our country. While most parents do not let their children pursue an unconventional career like photography, my parents have been very supportive of photography and always pushed me towards it even before I had any interest in it. My father has been a photographer his whole life but somehow I didn’t enjoy photography during my childhood. I was a cricket player and wanted to make a career out of the same but my family didn’t allow me to do that and asked me to focus on my studies for class 10th. Even though I was a science student and currently pursuing engineering, I knew I did not want to go for an academic career. I was looking for options and it clicked that I can learn photography. I went to my father and asked him to teach me photography. He taught me a few basics and later during the summer break, he enrolled me in an institute where I learned all the basics of photography and started enjoying the process a lot.

I was lucky enough to have contacts through my father but also I had made contacts through Instagram and did a lot of wedding photography but deep down I have always wanted to do fashion and conceptual photography and trying to focus on the same. I have also learned a lot through Instagram and Youtube. I like to create concepts for most of my photographs, especially for Portrait and Fashion photography. To tell a story with every picture I click. It can be a little tricky to do different things for different clients and requires a lot of thinking but communication makes it a little easier.

Unlike the majority of photographers, I like to stay in and do my shoots. I’m not much of a traveler but love clicking portraits and new faces. That’s why I’m more inclined to Fashion and Weddings . However, the fashion photography industry is not well developed here In Ahmedabad, there are a few photographers who are very famous and get a lot of work but for someone like me who is just starting, the better places to explore are Mumbai and Delhi. If I talk about Gujarat, Surat can be the best place to explore due to a lot of production work for Indian clothing.
My father refuses to share all his knowledge with me because he does not want to give me everything on a platter. He wants me to learn things on my own and create my own experiences. I remember when I shot my first wedding, I hardly took 2-3 good photos, I knew most of the theory but when I reached the venue and saw the challenges on my own, it was a little difficult for me to adapt at first but after a few more weddings, I learned a lot and came a long way.
I was in a newborn baby photoshoot where we had planned everything and scheduled things according to the baby’s schedule but unfortunately, the baby got cranky and the 1-hour shoot turned into 3 hours and when the baby went to sleep we took some shots. Clients were very understanding and happy with all the pictures that were clicked even though they didn’t go as we have planned. Challenges like these are very common. Once a day is booked for a shoot, you cannot really plan anything else around the same day.

Lockdown has been a little challenging but I have started a new business during that. Along with photography related services, we also have printing and lamination solutions . I started my own small scale company,and started designing and printing customised phone covers and gift accessories and selling them online. I love exploring new things and making the most of the resources that I have, let’s see where it will take me.

As a photographer, I would suggest that photography should be done consistently or none at all. Slowly, the consistency will help you with better skills and help you raise as a photographer. Be professional with your clients, understand their needs, and deliver accordingly because a client has the strength to spread both good or bad about your work which can either attract more clients or repel the ones you already have!

- Aditya Khatri

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