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FO2 STAGE | Alipriya Ghosh

by Team FO2, 20 Jun 2023

I started doing phone photography during the last two years of my school. So I started clicking photos mainly around the house, while going to school, for tuition, or if we were going somewhere during vacation. I also had some friends who also used to be interested in photography, so we had a group. We used to shoot for the school calendar and magazines.

As I grew, my interest in photography grew with me, and I managed to get a DSLR and capture the beauty of everything throughout my college life. But since I started photography with my phone, I've been more comfortable with my phone than a camera because I think if you click pictures of someone on the street or a portrait and you have a camera in hand, everyone will be looking at you. And that makes me conscious, and apart from timelapse, lighting, and a few other things, mobile does the job equally well, if not better.

I like clicking lightning in thunderstorms. That is my favorite thing. If I could say one thing that fascinates me the most, it would definitely be the thunderstorms, the beauty they hold is something extraordinary, and the joy I get clicking them is unmatched.

I have always been someone who is fond of a good holiday, and I think my favorite trip to date would be to Europe with family and some family friends. It was notable for many reasons, but it became a special memory as it happened right before we went into lockdown. It was an excellent note to complete our pre-covid era. Another reason why I loved that trip was that my parents, especially my mother, were so supportive of my photography; they would just come to any spot and stay there with me for a long time just so that I could click pictures. It has really been one of the most memorable trips for me.

Apart from thunderstorms, I love clicking pictures in the rain. When I moved to Mumbai, I always wanted to experience the first rain shower, and I was lucky enough to get it. Currently, I am pursuing an MBA and got my placement through college. I am planning to have a 9 to 5 job as I love the stream I'm in and doing photography for myself. I like this and would continue this until I plan to shift to photography completely. 

Recently, Samsung held a competition, and I was in the top 50. So then we were asked to come to the galaxy lounge for an event. So now I am in contract with them as Galaxy Creators. There will be another event soon, and I'm pleased to be a part of such a creative community.

I try to be attentive to my surroundings, and whenever I am free, I try to revisit my old photos and edit them again or go through the work of different photographers. I never procrastinate when it comes to photography. I try to do whatever I can think of!

I feel content after every photo I click, and that feeling of happiness after clicking and editing a picture makes me come back to photography and keeps me motivated to continue in this field. 

- Alipriya Ghosh

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