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FO2 Stage | Ashwinii Prasaad

by Team FO2, 19 Jun 2023

I was born & raised in Jamshedpur. We are two brothers, and our parents were always on our backs about studies for them to achieve anything in life, education was the only path. As a kid, I was interested in cricket and wanted to be a cricketer, but I had to leave cricket as it was affecting my studies, and my parents didn't want their kid to ignore his studies and play.
In 2018, I attended Pepx and learned how big the photographers' community is. On the second day, I went to listen to Rafique Sayed, the only fashion photographer invited to the event. His work influenced me so much that something clicked in me & I decided to do fashion photography, but I didn't have any guidance. So I took a vacation from my job, registered for a course by Amar Ramesh, and learned about photography & how to earn from it.
In 2019, I was again at the crossroads where I had to choose health or a job. Then I decided to quit my job and discussed this with my father. He disagreed with this decision but I decided to resign and said I would take care of myself and my family, and I always wanted to pursue photography, but I couldn't but won't let this chance slide that life had given me.
My decision to quit my job and do photography was a shock for my wife too. And she knew our life would get difficult for some time, but she supported me wholeheartedly.
After quitting my job, I saw an ad post by Rafique Sayed that he needed interns. I applied as soon as I saw the ad. After a few days, I got a call, and the interview was scheduled. In the interview, he was shocked to learn about my story & the fact that I left the job to follow photography, but he saw that I was passionate and hired me.
It's been more than two years that I have been working there. At first, I didn't have any technical knowledge or experience, but now things have changed. My skills have evolved, my lifestyle has changed, and I feel satisfied and happy when I go home after work. I started working as an intern and am now assisting Mr Rafique Sayed, and soon, I will be able to make my own identity in the industry.

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