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FO2 Stage | Chakshu Joshi

by Team FO2, 22 Jun 2023

After college, I wanted to be financially independent so I decided to take up a job. I could have looked at being a full time photographer and my family would have supported me as my dad himself is a photojournalist. However, I decided to own my decisions and don't regret them even now. I continue to travel on weekends and holidays to fulfill my passion. Since the pandemic last year, I haven't really used my camera as I find my phone more convenient. Of Course, a phone cannot match a camera but it can still provide pretty good results. 

When Instagram came into action it was a blessing for photographers. I can’t really say anything about the present, but earlier it was just amazing. I have practiced most of my photography inspired by the photographers there. 2012 was a turning point in my journey. I started getting some projects and it was a lot of hit and try for me. Exploring helps you in finding out what you want to do and also what you don't. 

I started traveling and in 2018 alone, I traveled 13 states and that experience was surreal. 

I have started participating in different competitions and whenever I get my name on the winner's list, I get motivated a lot. I learnt the importance of perception in photography when I got a compliment “you are a nice photographer because you have a different perception”. That is when I realised that to stand out and make something different can only happen by presenting a different perception. That way, anyone can create the magic. There came a point where I was featured in CNT and Lonely Planet India simultaneously. It blew my mind. However, it didn't seem enough. As a photographer, you always push yourself every time to achieve more.

It was a proud moment for me when I was  featured on the official social media handle of Uttarakhand  Tourism, being my native state, it was absolutely a special  feeling. During travels, It is very challenging to be on the streets. I think you should click what you want to, but of course, respect the choice of a person in the photo. Also, if there is a sensitive place where pictures are not allowed you must respect that too. 

Recently, I was called by my school, which I left 10 years ago, to come and judge a photography competition. That I think is a big achievement for me as being called by the same institution where I started my journey. 

One frame can be clicked in so many different ways. And it is your picture that defines your individuality. Your gears are a part of your photography but it is your perception that defines your pictures. Many times, we see a person using a cheaper phone and clicking much better photographs than someone with a high-end DSLR. 

Photography like any other skill is an ongoing learning journey. So it's always the right time to start. Just keep practicing and keep learning. My sincere compliments to your journey.

- Chakshu Joshi

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