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FO2 Stage | Krinjal Patil

by Team FO2, 22 Jun 2023

I started my photography during the lockdown. I have been into creative work for a long time and pursuing Animation as a career. Since I have been living near the beach, I have always been inclined towards silhouettes but never cared to give it time. Since my hometown is a village, there was a little liberty to walk around the beach during the evenings, one such evening I decided to click a few pictures which turned out great, and I posted them on Instagram.

Since my family is a little conservative, I thought they might not support the idea of going out for photography. During the first few weeks, I told them I’m going for a walk to the beach or to my cousin’s house and made sure that I get back home before my father comes back from the field, not that he would stop me or anything I just like to be a little cautious. Slowly, I told my mother about it and showed her my pictures, she was happy. I think they will support me if I want to go any further in this field.

I didn’t know I will get such a great response from people on social media, I have touched 3k+ followers in just a few months. I have also got an offer to work on an International movie which is a biography as a CG artist. I want to surprise my parents with it, it’s going to be the first film in the world like that, if it will be a success then it’s going to be my greatest achievement.

When I posted my first silhouette picture, I didn’t know much about hashtags and terminologies and by my surprise the first photo was featured on a big page. As the followers started growing up, I got in touch with photographers and one of them became my friend and taught me about algorithms and hashtags. During Monsoon season, there were no sunsets, so I posted the extra pictures I had with me.

I never thought people would be so excited for my posts, they even tell me how did you do it in such a short period of time and I don’t know how to answer that, I’ve never thought I would get such a response I was just doing my work and everything just came along.

I was inspired by the work of few photographers on social media, their work motivated me to experiment more and more with my work. Sometimes, I plan the photographs and sometimes I just walk around and explore. My brother and my two best friends have been the greatest support in this journey, they keep motivating me to click more and more.

After all this is over and I’ll be back to my college and plan small trips for weekends. I want to explore more and more through the lens. I never want to give up photography, it makes me feel good and happy. I think I’ve found my passion and I really hope that everyone finds their passion and works towards it.


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