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FO2 Stage | Maitry Mishra

by Team FO2, 24 Jun 2023

I have always been passionate about art and photography. I even had a Nikon camera during my college days. I started photography professionally three years ago when my daughter was born. I used to click a lot of her pictures which inspired me to make photography a full-time career.

There are many genres in photography and people are doing wonderful jobs in all of them. I chose the 'Kids' genre as it connects me emotionally with the clients and their babies. The level of satisfaction I get while clicking the baby pictures and getting the clients' feedback is unmatchable. These are the photographs that will always take them down a memory lane when their kids grow from this tiny body to an adult. This motivates me a lot and keeps me going.

Being a mother myself, seeing my daughter grow up has helped me a lot. She is a really co-operative child. She is very happy and intelligent. She supports me a lot and keeps it calm whenever I am out on my shoots. My mother has also been my greatest support. She always takes care of my daughter whenever I am at work and always makes it easier for me to be focused on my job. There's no doubt that if your family supports you, the sky is the limit.

Doing any kind of job is not an easy task. There are always some difficulties but how you tackle them charts your way further. Working with Newborns is easier because they are sleepy most of the time and not running around, you can use all your creative ideas on them, but yes it comes with a lot of precautions and safety measures during newborn sessions. While shooting with toddlers and little kids you have to keep interacting with them and build a relationship. I always visit the shoot location and clients twice before the shoot to plan out things and connect with them. This makes the shoots go very smoothly. Patience is the key with kids. More patient you are, more co-operative they will be, with you.

I remember one shoot when we had a cake smash theme and everything was perfect. All the light and arrangements were done. One day before the shoot, the baby caught a cold and the mother didn't inform me. It was not a major one but the baby was just not ready to sit and play with the cake. So, we had to do it all over again the next day when the baby felt better, I have really good pictures from that shoot.
There will be difficulties but as I said, patience is the only thing that you have to practice on, along with photography skills. Kids need a lot of patience and most mothers would agree with me on this.

There's one more thing I have been doing in the hospital in Bhopal. I delivered my baby there, so the doctor and I became really good friends during my sessions. So, once in a month, I visit the hospital and we conduct a photoshoot of at least 15-20 newborns in a single day. I love these kinds of exercises so much that a single day of this refreshes you at a different level.

Kudos to all the mothers who are working in this field or in any field. It's not an easy task to manage everything. Be strong, Be patient, Be yourself, and keep your work unique. More power to you and all the Mothers out there.
Together Further

Maitry Mishra


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