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FO2 Stage | Manas Bhardwaj

by Team FO2, 22 Jun 2023

I dropped out of school and continued my studies privately to focus on what I wanted to do. A career in sports. I am a national level Badminton champion and all I had ever planned for myself was to play Badminton. However, life had its own plans. Due to an unfortunate injury, I had to drop something which is all I ever wanted to do. After a year of bed rest and repeated consultations with several doctors, it was just an end to my dreams and plans. I was so depressed. 

However, there was a Savior. A childhood hobby that came to my rescue. I was always fond of photography and it has been a part of me, long enough. And my love for travel just accentuated it further. I have been traveling and photographing for 10 years now, so you can imagine how much of the globe I have covered. I am a hardcore solo traveler, so I don’t just visit a place like a tourist, rather explore the extreme interiors.

So after I decided to pursue photography professionally, I enrolled myself in a full-time course at the Delhi School of Photography. During the course, I practiced with the basic DSLR I had for years. With time, I upgraded myself to the latest gears. The hunger to prove myself was and is so high that within months many photographs started to get recognition in several International Magazines.

One major thing I want to address to upcoming photographers is that they should not limit themselves to any specific genre. Exploring is an integral part of this profession. I never wanted to work in any genre other than travel, but with time I realized this fact and grabbed the opportunity to be a ‘Team Member’ at one of the most prestigious photography institutes in Delhi. I take students on photo walks, guide them during shoots, and counsel them about future photography prospects. 

 Soon I came in contact with my fellow photographer Gaurav Sharma, with whom I do shoots of many Celebrity Designers including Manyavar, Lalit Dalmia, Mohanlal Sons, etc. and we are the Official Photographer for almost all top Fashion Runways of India. Fashion photography has worked out well for me. Over time, our bond has become stronger and we work together on many projects pan India. I hope this bond grows and grows. 

My father, an International Leadership Awardee, has been the biggest support and inspiration. Out of many learnings that he taught me, I try to stand by this quote the most “Every action leaves an impression” and I think about it every time I make a decision and advise the same to my students, fellow photographers, and just about everyone because whatever you do, always leaves a mark!

- Manas Bhardwaj

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