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FO2 Stage | Nachiket Save

by TEAM FO2, 08 Jun 2023

My interest in photography developed in the 12th standard. I had a Nikon camera, which I carried everywhere & uploaded photos on Social media. The response on social media was overwhelming.
I graduated as an Engineer & worked in an IT company but it never seemed right as I was always passionate about photography. When I decided to switch into photography, it was really tough to convince my parents but I just couldn't live my life in a profession I didn't love. I was determined to pursue photography so I quit my job & started my professional journey. I named my set-up as "Art per Second".
I have a small team of 3-5 members. What I love about wedding photography is that it involves travelling, glamour, creativity & gives you memories of a lifetime.
One of the most interesting clients that I bagged, was the one I received through a Wrong number. A guy dialed my number by mistake & it turned out to be, a right call at the right place at a right time. He was looking for a wedding photographer. I became friends with the bride & the groom (& we still are). Shooting their wedding was the best experience ever.
Growing in this industry has helped me evolve. Work gets better with experience. As a person, I used to be an introvert. However, this profession requires a lot of interaction with clients so I practiced to put myself out there & it really helped me grow as a person.
Last year, I saw an ad by Samsung stating 'You can be a Samsung Members Brand Ambassador' so I enrolled & was surprised to receive a call back a few days later. They interviewed me. It was pleasantly shocking when I received an email about being selected in it.
Being an artist is a hard job. But valuing your own art is the most important thing every artist should do. Value not just in terms of reviews, but also in terms of money. Don't sell your art at a low price. Mark your graph high. It will motivate other photographers too. Consult your local fellow photographers & build professional relationships.
- Nachiket

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