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FO2 Stage | Parth jain

by Team FO2, 24 Jun 2023

It all started in school when my parents bought me a smartphone and I got connected to the world of Internet, Social media and eventually Instagram. I saw so many great content creators that it made me wanna give my hands on photography. I enjoyed it so much that I started exploring places near Indore through my lens. I never knew my work would be appreciated by people, it made me wanna do more of it. Being a lucky child, my parents agreed to buy me a DSLR. In the last two years of my high school all I did was photography and exploring places through travel. I always wanted to do engineering or something in the field of science but the worm of photography got into my nerves and I don’t wanna leave it, so I decided to go to a media college which I think was a good decision, it introduced me to so many good opportunities.
For me, the icebreaker was when I won the competition and was invited to the launch of Honor company’s brand new mobile. There I met a lot of inspiring people and content creators. I think that was the most proud moment of me and my parents and they were fully convinced about me for pursuing photography as a full time career. Since Indore is the food capital, I got in touch with one of the biggest food related pages in Indore and started doing food photography. Now it's been more than 4 years since I’m doing food photography and videos with the biggest clients in Indore and loving it.
I’ve been attracted to cinematography lately and doing work on it, finally i’ve decided to make moving shots rather than stills. Youtube has been my teacher since the day I got an interest in cinematography. As of now, my ultimate plan is to shoot films. Both Ad and feature films.
Right now I've started a production house with my friend and completely focusing on growing the company as well as my work as a cinematographer. I don’t know where life will take me, but I keep trying my best everyday to get better with my work.
Appreciation of my work really makes me keep going. I have never stopped shooting since I started photography, and keep telling people to NEVER STOP SHOOTING as consistency and practice is the key to get better by each day.


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