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FO2 Stage | Prateek Mahant

by Team Fo2, 20 Jun 2023

Photography was never a part of my plan. Right after graduation, I got a job in an office and as I was a media graduate they asked me to do a photography project. I just knew the basic camera functions, so I thought why not give it a try. I couldn't believe that they actually liked the result of it. That's how photography happened to me. As time passed, things started falling into place and everything seemed very well and I started enjoying my work.

Sometimes, life can take you on the ways you never thought you're going to go.

One fine day my friend Pawan and I were sitting over a chai, discussing our unemployed situation which is when an idea of opening a production house popped up. We both were so thrilled about it that we even named it 'Lenstter' on that very day! A few days later, we got our first project with pay of ₹6000. We were very happy that we finally started our thing. During the initial days of Lenstter, neither of us owned a camera, we either rented it or borrowed it from someone. Things eventually fall into place, and we were ready to invest in some good photography gadgets. We never stopped since. We are doing weddings, music albums, fashion, travel, anything that comes our way but, yes we do maintain our work ethics, we never go beyond it.

A few months ago we shot a music album which was released through Zee Music's label on YouTube, it was a proud moment for us. We recently shot at the wedding and a concert by well-known drummer Darshan Doshi from Salim-Sulaiman's band.

We keep meeting clients of all kinds. Once we were shooting at a wedding, and we got so attached to the family that groom's mom actually treated my food with her own hands! On the other hand, we get tough clients too. But I think it is a part of our job to be on the same page with the client and communication is the key to win their trusts.

With each day passing, we are trying to grow ourselves and getting better with each project. We want Lenstter to grow worldwide in the coming time, but as of now, we are happy that we came so far which gives us the motivation to keep moving forward.

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