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FO2 STAGE | Shruti Vora

by Team FO2, 20 Jun 2023

People say that everything that is meant for you will always find its way back to you no matter what, and I believe they were right; otherwise, why would a person who was studying subjects like finance and marketing so hard will make capturing moments here and there in her profession? The passion for art was embedded in me during my childhood, way before I could even know what passion really is. Being passionate about art as a kid sounds unbelievable, right? But for me, it was not only normal but also beautiful.

I was born and brought up in Mumbai. When I was a kid, my dad used to take loads of pictures of me. I found more beautiful versions of myself in those photographs than I was in real life. My dad was a professional photographer, and hence he was an expert at capturing the magic of the moments. One day having a camera and taking pictures with it was one of my biggest dreams in childhood, but surely I never thought about adapting it as a profession at that age. Instead, I wanted to be an artist.

Now you might be thinking that if I was so much into art and painting, why did I pursue those degrees that paved the way for the corporate world? Well, life takes sudden turns at different points, and those turns are indeed exciting and may be necessary too. My obsession did not last through the course of maturity and growing up as an adult. So I explored various academic sectors like finance, law, and marketing to find the right place where I fit perfectly.

Although I am just 26 now, I realize something when I look back to my younger self. We are all like the confused teenagers who suddenly step into adulthood, and we have to take some of the most crucial decisions of our lives at that phase, and the process is not easy at all. When I was dangling between different career options, I got a couple of opportunities from corporate fields and even jumped into one of those but thankfully, it did not take me long to realize that I did not belong there; those jobs were just not my cup of tea.

I was in fashion photography for a couple of years, and one day I got a call from a friend who wanted to do a toddler photoshoot with me for her baby on my friend’s reference. I was a bit confused since I had no prior experience handling babies but also I did not want to miss the chance to explore this new genre, so I said yes. Surprisingly it turned out fantastic, and their review just blew my mind. Their reference helped me immensely in the starting phase; I started getting projects for baby photoshoots every month or two. Back then, I also consulted with my elder cousins who have babies regarding managing the newborns and the emotional aspects of their child that they would like to preserve and cherish in the future. When I entered baby and newborn photography, I only realized what I was missing till then was the emotion. It took me back to that time in my childhood when I fell in love with photography and capturing moments.

Parents generally tend to be paranoid and anxious about their child’s safety, especially when it is a cute newborn little ball of flesh. Still, I am fortunate that all my clients have supported me throughout the sessions. For the newborn’s safety, I also took lessons from one of my clients, who is also a renowned gynecologist.

I got married two years ago, so managing my photography career and family has become difficult for me. In my husband, I got my lover, best friend, mentor, and life partner, who is now also my business partner, and together we are planning something big, and it is in the process. Talking about my in-laws, they have supported me with everything I needed to follow my passion.

One of my most significant achievements is that my studio will be opened very soon, and I can not wait to execute and experiment with all the plans for the shoot and props I have in mind. Not having my place for photo sessions, sometimes I had to compromise with lighting and other technical kinds of stuff according to the clients’ accommodations setups; that issue will be resolved once I start operating from my photo studio.

They say when you choose the right thing, it helps you to evolve positively; for me, opting for photography as a profession was one of the very few crucial and right decisions I have taken so far. Although I do not regret studying courses like finance and marketing, they might seem irrelevant to my current profession, but it is not. The knowledge I gathered from those subjects now helps me boost my business and manage investments more efficiently. When I look back to my younger self 6 or 7 years back, I feel happy to see how I have evolved into a better, more confident, and stronger version of myself. I am following my passion, running a business, managing my family, and fulfilling my dreams step by step; most importantly, I am preserving precious moments through my art that will be an emotional spot for the babies and their parents throughout their lives.

I may encounter some of these cute, cuddly babies again when they are teenagers or grown adults. Whether we could recognize each other or not, I will always remain attached to an emotional memory of their lives through those photographs. That is the beauty of photography; you do not just capture moments; you screenshot the most precious memories for people to cherish forever. 

- Shruti Vora

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