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FO2 Stage | Shubham Sharma

by Team FO2, 19 Jun 2023

Photography came to my life as a vision of looking at things that I couldn't see through my bare eyes. I started exploring photography from the mobile phones that my friends used to buy. In 2015, I got into an engineering college. I used to go to college and I wasn’t really interested in the classes so I used to go out and click pictures. That’s when I started taking photography seriously.
I started clicking street photographs while exploring Mumbai. As the first semester ended, I realized that it’s not worth the time. I told my parents about wanting to pursue a career in photography and surprisingly they agreed to it. My dad even bought me 1200D. Even though it is a basic camera I still find it as one of the best as I have learned everything on that camera.
Around this time my cousin told me about a photography diploma in his college. The fee was affordable but it was hard to get a seat. I decided to give the entrance exam and to my surprise, I secured 3rd rank in the entrance exam. As I finished my diploma, I was the Topper of my batch. My father showed his faith in my photography which was an achievement for me.
I shared a video on world photography day and I got a lot of DMs to make a tutorial of it. Hence, I made an IGTV tutorial on Instagram. Last year, I also started my own channel. I love making videos for fun.

During lockdown, I was invited as a guest speaker in a college event zoom session to teach some basics of Mobile Photography and composition. There were around 85+ students in the session, it was a 45min session but me being me, I took the session to 1.5Hr and 65+ students were still in the session. It was the first time that I was mentoring on a big platform.
As a photographer, I used to go to many streets in different cities but never really explored my own neighbourhood! As unlock began, I went to my neighbourhood and wondered why I never explored it before. I posted a few pictures on my Insta and one of the pictures turned out to be my most liked picture in 2020.
As a photographer, I would like to tell everyone to keep exploring. It is the most important thing in the world for a photographer. My motto is always “Keep exploring & experiment".

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