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FO2 Stage | Tushar Garg (Techfrog)

by Team FO2, 23 Jun 2023

For me, photography has always been about traveling. I love capturing everything around me. I did my graduation in Architecture. While I was doing my graduation, I used to click pictures on my phone and post them on social media. Instagram was very new during that time and it was a good platform to reach photographers as the algorithm was way simpler.

 There are many similarities of rules in architecture and photography which made me more connected to photography.

After graduation, I went to pursue a job where I could travel a lot while doing photography simultaneously. I started going to photo walks and made connections with a lot of photographers. I have tried a lot of genres but somehow travel photography interests me much more than anything else. I was still shooting on my phone then but I felt like I was ready for something better. I invested in a basic DSLR and started doing a lot of trips. The firm I was working with allowed me to shoot pictures of different on-site projects which got me interested in architectural photography too. It helped me build a portfolio which was very beneficial for my photography career. When I was starting out, the number of architectural photographers was a lot less than they are now. I had to learn a lot of things by myself.

Along with all this, I used to take some wedding and pre-wedding projects that started generating some income. It feels great when you start earning from your passion. After 3 years in photography and several small projects, I finally got a big one in Dubai and I invested in a full-frame camera. It was a big investment for me as I was still doing a full-time job and had not yet planned a career in photography! I completed the project and the results were great. Thus, I decided to take the biggest decision of my life. It was very tough to give up a secured career. My family didn’t like my choice either, as it was a very big risk! But I am glad that I took the plunge.

 I do a lot of architectural photography now. The hard work that I did in my initial days, helped me develop contacts in different firms. Those started helping me soon enough. One of the leading architectural firms in Mumbai was expanding in North India and they connected with me for a shoot. My photos even got published on their magazine cover. Sometimes all of it feels so surreal and makes me feel grateful that I chose to follow what I love.

I have started doing Tech reviews some time ago on YouTube and my profile can easily be mentioned as Architectural and Travel Photographer, Travel guide, Tech Youtuber. I still explore many things because the more you develop your skills, the more you will grow.

As a self-learned photographer, I focus mostly on setting the frame. Everything else is secondary! Even if you are proficient in the technical part, it will not be worth it if you don’t know how to frame the picture. I always believe that you need to learn before investing in high-end gear. Your skills will eventually open all the gates for you. All the very best. Cheers.

- Tushar Garg

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