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Andbon AD-300S Dry Cabinet and Dehumidifier 300 Ltr

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Product details

AD-300S Electric dry cabinet with digital controls and LED indicator display Digital control allows you to automatically adjust the humidity of the air Serves to store cameras, medicines, documents, and other items that need to be stored in dry conditions (so they don't get moldy) Equipped with LED lights on the inside to illuminate objects in the dry cabinet Equipped with brake wheel for easy adjustment of dry cabinet position Specification: Brand: Andbon Code: AD-300S Capacity: 300 Liter Adaptor: Input AC 220V / Output DC 5V 5A Energy: 10 Watt / hour Humidity Range: 25% - 60% RH Humidity Controller: Microcomputer digital controller LED Screen: Humidity and temperature Internal Dimension: 84 x 42 x 83 cm


  • Capacity


  • Compartment

    2 Machines

  • Display

    LCD Dual LED Monitor(temperature and humidity)

  • Humidity


  • Power Supply

    100-220V AC/5V 5A DC

  • Material


  • Load Capacity

    300 litres

  • Dimensions

    L84 x W42 x H83 cm

  • Weight

    15 kg

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