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Godox R1200 Ring Flash Head for AD1200Pro Battery Pack

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Product details

    Designed for Godox powerful AD1200Pro, Godox most versatile and high-end R1200 Ring Flash Head takes up to 1200Ws strong power, providing even illumination with few shadows visible in the images as the origin of the light is very close to the optical axis of the lens. It produces striking results for portrait, video recording, and especially in close-up shoot and macro photography.


    Shadowless Lighting

    With up to 1200Ws strong power, the R1200 Ring Flash Head can dominate daylight or even overpower the sun. Equipped with 40W modeling light, you can get prevision on how the light falls on the subject. Compared to the point light source, the light of R1200 creates a glamorous look, making the subject almost free of the shadow, popular in portrait and fashion photography. As R1200 uses a circular flash tube, you could also get beautiful catchlings in your model's eyes.


    R1200 is commonly used as an ideal fill-in light for beauty and cosmetic photo shoots. The light creates even illumination to reveal more details in the model and reduce harshness created by other off-aix lights, often regarded as a small softbox.


    User Friendly Design

    The R1200 comes with a foldable bracket to mount on a light stand and an umbrella mount for use with an umbrella.


    • Maximum Ws


    • Color temperature

      5800K +- 200K

    • Modeling Light

      40W | 4300K

    • Brightness (lux)


    • Dimensions


    • Weight


    • Country of Origin


    • Manufacture

      GODOX Photo Equipment Co.,Ltd.


    • R1200 Ring Flash Head
    • Flb-02 Foldable Bracket
    • Ubb-02 Umbrella Bracket

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