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Godox S30-D 3X S30 Focusing Continuous Light Kit

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Godox has put together this comprehensive S30-D Focusing LED 3-Light Kit to provide shooters with a complete lighting system that's road-ready. The kit includes three S30 LED lights each with barndoors, a power adapter, and a light stand. For precise, almost "surgical" lighting, the kit includes the optical Projection Attachment with an 85mm lens. Godox also provides a full complement of accessories for it including an iris, set of framing shutters, gobo set with holder, and a scrim set. Two softboxes are also included, as are a Color Effects Gel Set and a Color Temperature Adjustment Gel Set. Two bags are provided, one for the light stands and another for the S30s and accessories.


  • Godox uses aspheric optics for output that's even from edge to edge.
  • Coverage is adjustable from 6 to 55 degrees.
  • The S30 is dimmable from 10 to 100%.
  • The S30 runs on the included AC adapter, optional NP-F-type batteries, or a power bank with USB cable.

    • Package Dimensions

      ‎51.8 x 47.5 x 30.3 cm

    • Item Weight

      ‎15 kg 600 g

    • Country of Origin


    • Manufacture

      GODOX Photo Equipment Co.,Ltd.


    • S30-d: 3x S30 Light Body
    • 3x Adapter
    • 3x Power Cord
    • 3x Sa-08 Barndoor Set
    • 3x 213b Light Stand
    • 1x Sa-p Projection Attachment (Include A Sa-01 85mm Lens)
    • 2x Sa-30 Softbox
    • 1x Sa-05 Scrim Set
    • 1x Sa-06 Iris Diaphragm
    • 1x Sa-07 Framing Shutter
    • 1x Sa-09 Gobo Set
    • 1x Sa-11c Color Filter Of Color Effect Set
    • 1x Sa-11t Color Filter Of Color Temperature Adjustment Set
    • 1x Cb14 Carrying Bag For Light Stand
    • 1x Cb15 Carrying Bag For Kit

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